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Sailing is a sport with unlimited possibilities. From a global view, sailing is one of the fastest growing sports in terms of sponsorships. Sailing gives your business a unique opportunity to reach an interesting group of people all over the world, through small local events or national and international events with professional teams or individuals.

Your business has the opportunity to engage and collect the employees around a common sporting project. If your company wants to showcase innovative technology, a sponsorship within sailing is a great opportunity.

Sailing is today a trendy, sporty and environmentally friendly alternative, which is simple and accessible for arranging customer events or internal events within your business. "Blue is the new green." Sailing is now represented in all major markets around the world.


Norwegian Sailing Federation

SailLogic acts as a marketing consultant, with tasks such as bringing in new sponsors, renegotiating existing agreements and to build the brand NSF and their profile. The work is focused on a common value for both parties through experience, promotion and communication.

The Yachting League

Adviser to “Heia De Som Vinner”. SailLogic is hired by KNS in order to make Færderseilasen more visible and attractive through the new Færder Sailing Week, Færderseilasen and the social event at the finish line in Tønsberg.


We act as a project leader for businesses and indivduals, managing their sailing projects. We conduct strategic sponsorship consulting, communication, events, regatta and maintenance.

Illustration of a lighthouse.
Illustration of a lighthouse.


Strategic sponsorship consultancy within sailing. Sponsorship management of projects and regattas. PR and media relations for regattas, associations and sailors. TV/photography production and distribution. Please get in touch, together we can figure out how your company can get the most out of using sailing as an arena for promotion, and how to best reach your audience.


Illustration of a knot

We offer a unique way of promoting your brand, and an amazing opportunity for teambuilding. Our X -41 One Design boats are permanently anchored up at Aker Brygge, centrally located at the entrance of the harbor, which makes them clearly visible from the Aker Brygge waterfront.

Our aim is to provide a higher visibility, happier customers and better relations for our clients. We create the perfect conditions so that our partners profit will be higher than originally invested. SailLogic gives you the opportunity to build teams, build relationships and create shared stories, using sailing as a tool.

- Aker Brygge is visited by millions each year

- The boats are being used for Regatta sailing through the whole summer

- Our boats are being used for competition sailing on an everyday basis

- Many identical boats promoting your brand will create high visibility

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Photo of regatta sailing. Photo of a regatta boat. Photo of regatta sailing.
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